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Frequently asked questions

I love Musical Theatre, but performing isn't my thing. What can I do? ​

Plenty of our members don't want to perform but have other skills that are invaluable to the society. We're always on the hunt for people interested in learning about costume, set design, stage management and anything else you can think of! 

I want to Direct! How do I do that?​

To become a director you need to be part of a proposal team. We encourage our members to get together, form teams and come up with ideas for showcases and shows and propose them to us at our semesterly proposal events. We are also launching our mini-musicals online project and will be looking for volunteers, so drop us an email/Facebook message and we'll keep a note of your name. 

I play an instrument, how can I be in the band?​

Get in touch with the Music Liaison Officer on committee and they will put you in touch with the MDs for the upcoming shows.  You can get in touch by filling out our contact form on the committee page or by simply emailing

Auditioning is the scariest thing in the world. Do you have any unauditioned shows?

We are planning to run an unauditioned cabaret for term 3 where everyone can show off singing or dancing talent without having to face an audition process . On top of this, we are running a variety of workshops every monday throughout the academic year. We really encourage you to buy membership and join our members-only facebook group where you can stay up-to-date with all of these opportunities - everyone is very friendly and we love to meet new people!